Small Businesses Need an Online and an Offline Marketing Strategy‎

Small Businesses Need an Online and an Offline Marketing Strategy


Every business needs an online strategy to thrive today. Unfortunately, most small business owners don't have one.
Best formula for successfully promoting your business:
Offline marketing + social media marketing + local directory listings + content marketing = successful business

Offline marketing isn't useless:
But it’s very difficult to measure. It’s hard to tell how many people saw your ad, and as a result, walked into your store. However, it is still a good way to build brand awareness, and bypass the noise online.

Social media marketing is important:
Master one social media platform. The key to gaining visibility on most platforms is by utilizing geotagging and hashtags that are both relevant to your business and common enough that people will find you.

Get listed on local directories:
When a person doesn’t know where to find something, they turn to Google local.

Content is king:
Creating great content is the best way to create a viral effect. You can do this by posting beautiful images, funny videos or writing interesting blog posts.