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Making your Business Name Known

Promotional ideas for small and home businesses can help keep your name at the top of the list

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Get listed:
List the physical location for your business in Google /Bing. Also use Google Product listings to drive shoppers to your website.

Be creative: Create your own newsworthy event, something so different that people just have to talk about it.

Listen to your customers: Listen to your customers and respond. They will spread the word.

Keep your Website and Information Up-to-date: It is important that your website and the latest and updated service/product you are offering.

Get connected: Tweet, start a Blog, get a Facebook Page: This is the digital age. You don't have to wait around for someone else to write about you. Whether you own you can find something to blog about. Start by sharing advice and how-to tips. Basic service is free on Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr. Social media can give you exposure as well. A Facebook page gives your loyal customers an easy way to share you with their friends, and Twitter can boost your business.

Use YouTube: No matter what your business is, you can find a way to leverage this powerful tool to your advantage. For example, shows a hairdresser demonstrates the proper way to use a straightener or curling iron and then put your videos on your Google Places Page.

Give something away: Facebook Pages are perfect for this. You can offer promotions to get people to come into your store, or to get them to your online storefront. And you can reward your frequent customers with something special and build buzz around your business.