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Secrets to Great User Design

Designers should always consider

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Design your website in whole, not in part:
Designers should always consider user experience, they realized also that the design and experience should work no matter what device they were on, so responsive website design is a must to keep experience consistent throughout the whole site, not just a mobile version or desktop version.

Tell a story: Storytelling humanizes and makes difficult concepts easier to understand and remember. Use storytelling to not only describe who your users are, their needs and their scenarios, but also to connect with your users, brining them further into your site or app.

Solve problems, do not create new ones: User experience is about solving problems and helping the user meet their goal. If you have a feeling something could cause an issue, take time to address it before it becomes a problem for users. This can be as simple as fixing a contact form to make sure it works and can be as complicated as not having enough resources to adequately power your site or app.

Track everything and do your search: In order to know you are doing something right, you have to track everything. Every click should be monitored, every page load needs to be tracked, every page layout must be tested toes which version converts better.

Seek outside opinions and feedback: Sometimes designers become hyper-focused on improving the design and accidentally trick themselves into thinking things have improved. In all actually, this tunnel version aspect can hinder the ultimate goal. Having someone to check your work can be invaluable.