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How to Deal with Difficult Design Clients?

How to Deal with Difficult Design Clients?


Remember that You Are NOT an Employee!
If your client is acting like an employer; you need to remind them, gently, that they are not your employer. That they chose to work with you and you with them because of your skills and talents and that you are ultimately free to deliver their project in any way that makes sense to you – as long as you deliver on time and on budget.

Before Opening Your Mouth – Think About How You Will Say Something:
If they are over demanding and aggressive, You need to use their vocabulary rather than your own to find harmony.

Have a Very Specific Scope of Work:
Clients are almost always over-demanding because you let them be. Define exactly and precisely what you will and won’t do as part of a contract and do it in writing. Then if the client wants more, sure accept but with an additional fee.

Take a Step Back before Taking Offence:
If they keep changing their minds and saying “Well, that doesn’t work for me!” After the work been approved, just remind them of the scope of work agreed on.

Focus on Outcomes and Not Blame and Inputs:
If something went wrong, just focus on fixing things and not on handing out blame.

Document Agreements on Changing/Modifying:
Along the way, changes may be required, make sure that you document what is agreed on, and bring it to their attention increase of any disagreement to resolve issues quickly.

Be Honest with Yourself:
Sometimes there is personality conflict that’s fuelling issues, just be honest with yourself, how much can you tolerate their attitude.

Don't Be Afraid to Fire Them:
Your position is more powerful than an employee, if things got to a point that you can not handle them JUST FIRE THEM. Make sure you write this in the contract that you may terminate their contract if you are unable to continue.