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WebDesign Trends for 2022

WebDesign Trends for 2022 to take into consideration when designing:

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Bold colours:
The use of bold, bright, colours for more attractive and modern website look for 2022.

Personalized content:
Take advantage of the website’s history so that when a user enters, it shows content adapted to each user according to their browsing history. This type of trend is really interesting if your website is e-commerce since it gives you the possibility of showing visitors those products with the highest probability of generating a conversion.

Large images with oversized typography:
The trend for 2022 is those images that occupy the entire home page to capture the user’s attention, combined with texts and striking colours to attract the attention visitors and convey your key message to them.

A simple, minimalist, and clean website is always well received by visitors and easily, with the fewest possible clicks with the necessary information at their fingertips.

Interactive fonts:
An easy way to make text interactive is by applying a hover-state change like you would with a button is a creative way to engage visitors.

Gradients grain:
Gradients are already popular, but with added grain, they create an entirely different effect. 

Positive mindsets:
By creating experiences that help the user and generate positive thinking and goodwill with clear messaging and inspiring imagery, which will help them think positively about your site and their relationship with you.

Fewer words, vivid imagery, and very clear calls to action, which will creates a lighter weight experiences that encourage the user to explore deeper.