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Tips to avoid Information Overload in your designs

Information Overload


Website designers always need to convey information to users. It’s important when developing your design that you don’t create “information overloaded”, that is presenting so much data that you leave the users confused and/or unable to make a decision:

Keep Things Simple:
The less information you present, the easer it is to understand.

Keep it Relevant:

Information that actually meets the user’s needs is less likely to overwhelm.

Keep It Clear:

Simplicity and relevance are good but information need clarity to be effective.

Provide Supporting Information:

If a user need more information, make sure it’s to hand for them.

Provide Balanced Information:

You should present both sides of the coin rather than just one.

Make it Clear to be Done with the Information:

What action should the user take? Why should they take it?

Make it Easy for the User Take Action:

If they need to complete a task and then, make it accessible and make it obvious .