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The Importance of Favicon for Website

The Importance of Favicon for Website
The Importance of Favicon for Website:
Favicon is the little piece of graphic shows left of the URL that usually contain the logo, the first letter of the brand or an image that represents your brand on browser tabs, bookmark lists, search history, search ads, and even search results. It is great for establishing brand recognition, for example, if you are searching for a coffee shop, a website's favicon will help searchers recognize that website in the search result. It gives your site credibility and trust because they will recognize the brand straight away. It is not just digital marketing in general but very important to SEO although there is no direct ranking effect of having a favicon, there are indirect benefits for your pages' SEO, such as:

Increased Usability Of Site: Usability of a site correlates to higher search engine ranking. So, if having a favicon next to your website title on browser tabs, on bookmarks, on historical archives and so on, helps a user save time, identify and browse your website without difficulties, they may have a rather minuscule but noteworthy role in SEO.

Bookmarks: With a favicon, you seem to have a higher advantage over websites that do not when it comes to saving and keeping a website bookmark on the browser. Search engines such as Google has the Chrome browser for users through which they also deduct certain search ranking signals for sites bookmarked on the web. If there is no favicon to your site, you may lose out on the chance of being on a bookmarked list of a Chrome browser and hence indirectly lose out on a small but significant search ranking signal.