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Design Psychology

Design Psychology

Design Physiology

Your product may receive its trial, judgment, and sentence all in less than the blink of an eye “5 second” ! You thinks it might sound like an impossible task to capture someone’s interest and convey vital information in less than the blink of an eye. Luckily, just as neuroscience can help us diagnose problems, it can also reveal general solutions and best practices.
Your Web Designer should keep these on mind:

Make It Easy to see:
Designs simple and keeping brand, services, and products front and centre.

Declaring a design is just as important as re-arranging components.

Indicate What’s Coming:
Preparing someone for some upcoming information or interaction can improve the user’s ability to understand and react to new information. 

Organize for Lazy Readers:
In a world where people don’t read word-for-word, they are actually scannable text, so make sure you Highlight Keywords | Make Meaningful Subheadings | Use Bulleted Lists | and Keep One Idea/Product per Paragraph, do not over-crowd the page | Apply the Inverted Pyramid Style to Prioritize the Information | Use Conventional Writing (that has a specific set of rules governing grammar, proper use and organization).