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RapidWeaver is the ultimate Mac experience


RapidWeaver it’s simply a beautiful program that is a joy to use wether you know everything about building websites or not. To build a site in RapidWeaver, you add one page at a time, each of which conforms to one of eleven page types (blog, photo album, etc.) ad the overall visual theme you choose.
The interface is customized for each page type and the controls are simple enough for anyone to use.

The professional features here are pretty extensive. Overall, the design of your site is definitely driven by the chosen template, but you can customize code fairly easily and really bend the site to your will if you need that kind of flexibility. It really helps that the auto-generated code is actually human relabel and conforms to web standards. The killer feature of RapidWeaver is definitely its expandability. The RapidWeaver Add-Ons library is not only full of gorgeously designed themes, but also amazing plugins like that really stretch what’s possible. For instance, the Blocks plugin full-on-freeform page layout to RapidWeaver and is a must-have for anyone who wants true control over their design.

Who should use RapidWeaver: RapidWeaver is an app for a wide range of users. If you don’t know anything about building a site and aren’t crazy about the idea of going to school to learn web development. RapidWeaver will help you create site with little effort.

Also, if you’re a designer who knows his/her way around an HTML document but aren’t really the code-from-scratch type, RapidWeaver with the addition of a few powerful plugins could really help you convert your design to basic but functional websites.

Basically, if you’re a newbie, RapidWeaver welcomes you with open arms and a user-friendly workflow and if you know enough to need some advanced features, they’re ready and waiting for you to dive in.