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Avoid these UX Design mistakes

Avoid these UX Design mistakes: 


1. Checkboxes: A checkbox should be used only to choose between options, best to consider a drop down menu.
Lack of a Country Code: Make sure that you don’t limit fields to local conventions. Or else you will end up forcing people to put in the wrong information.
Language Barriers: Languages should always be placed at the top of the page.  Make it easer for users to see and switch.
Poor Color Choice: Make sure text on coloured background are readable, otherwise you lose readers attention to read.
Choosing Visuals Over Function: Users like interactive websites that are pleasing to the eyes, but it must be fully functional and easy to use, as they do not have time or patience.
Cluttered Displays: Always consider the loading speed, the less clutter the site is the less users struggle to navigate.