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Web Design Trends 2019

Here are the trends for 2019

2019 trends

If you want your website to look great and have enough conversion, its DESIGN will play a significant role. Modern brands tend to maximize live interaction with users. Therefore, the design of the website must convey emotions.

Here are the trends for 2019:

Simple design and unique font:
Minimalist design is a style that emphasizes on simplicity and the removal of superfluous elements in a design, stripping it down to its fundamental elements, colors, shapes and textures, and a quality unique font, it significantly affects the perception of information by a user, also both factors will keep the user’s attention.
Large headings:
Is the best way to highlight the main information you would like to convey to your users.
Visual light effects:
The emphasis on lightness when using images to conveys your message, this type of design is attractive and memorable
Non-standard is an effective move:
Means the use of visual randomness, but always remember to add the sessional and important information to the left of the image, as people tend to read faster from left to right.
Full-Screen Video:
Very important to use video, easier to covey the message. It is more informative and full-screen is more convenient.
Geometric shapes:
A skillful design of geometric shapes will pleasantly surprise the users.
Use of animations/Cinemagraphs:
The use of Cinemagraphs is static pictures that contain only a single dynamic element., which is a replacement for the use of boring animated GIF images.
Gradient bright colors:
The background of the page with gradient creates the impression of the uniqueness of the website and the brand.
Translucent buttons:
The use of this, it helps the users to pay attention to the information and not to be distracted distracting with flashy buttons maneuvers.
Natural and streamlined shapes:
Creating the illusion of flexibility, this design calms and adjusts to a pleasant pastime when using the website.
Enough space between the elements:
Using lost of spaces, the design does not seem cluttered.