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Effective Product/Service Awareness Messages

How to write an effective product/service awareness messages that will attract more customers


Writing up a list of the features or facilities that you offer won’t do it.

The key is to focus on the benefits you can offer your customers, messages should contain the what, who, how and the most important one is the
Means your message content is your chance to tell your customers a little of the WHAT and a lot of the WHY The WHY is their benefits, knowing and promoting their benefits will help attract more customers and the right ones also. To help you with that make sure also that you follow theses points:
Short sentences and readability:
Short sentences are the easiest and quickest to read online, include one key benefit per sentence.
Avoid abbreviations:
Most people won’t know what you when using acronyms.
Be Authentic and use your Personal Voice:
Express your personality. Your personal voice adds authenticity to your business and to your online presence.