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Website Design Trends we can see in 2016

Most likely we will see these trends in 2016

Web Design Trend

Navigations and Menus
Most designers will still to be experimenting more new layout and functionality of navigations and menus.

Page Scrolling
Designers will be questioning to either to scroll or not to scroll through the web pages. Suers input will determine which approach to follow.

Designing in modules and components instead of entire pages.

Flatten out
Designs will continues to flatten out, simpler, clean and clean.

Will be designed as a full-screen, since all designs are responsive these days this will make it easier touch fingers on touch screens and encouraging users to complete filling the forms.

Rich but subtle animations as web design is flattening out, websites are starting to look more and more alike. One way designers have been trying to help make their sites stand out from the crowd is through the use of rich but subtle animations throughout.

Function & Design
Users are caring more about how a site functions than looks, and designers want their sites to look good, so it’s important that they can make the site function properly as well.

Designing in the Browser
Designers move toward designing in the browser, the benefits to this it cuts development time down, allows you to see the limitations and reactions of the actual browser with regards to the design. With the trend of web design moving out of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch and into the browser more. Web designers are starting to work on their HTML and CSS skills.

Material Design
Will takes off, by creating a visual language to convey the message, thanks to innovation and the possibility of doing this with the latest technology.
Stock Elements: Limiting the use of stock elements and start using own designed icons and customized elements.