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Optimize your Website for Voice Search

What Voice Search Requires?


More and more, people are using Voice Search when it comes to searching for information, product and/or services and it will continue to rise in 2019.

What Voice Search Requires:
the fewer words you can use to answer a query the better. If you are looking to optimize your content for voice search make sure it is clean and concise. Remove unnecessary wordiness and keyword stuffing.
So to optimize your website for voice search you should include the following:
  • Appropriate Schema Markup (People, Places, Business Information, Prices, etc.) – provide as much information as easily as possible.
  • Well Structured XML Sitemap – provide a clear hierarchy to your website to search engines.
  • Mobile Optimization (Page Speed, Responsiveness, Navigation) – make sure the website can be easily accessed on mobile.
  • On-Page Optimization (Headings, Table Coding, List Coding, etc.) – make sure your website is coded and tagged properly to allow a searcher to understand the formatting without seeing it.
  • Screen Writer Content – write content that can be spoken easily.