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Avoid these Interaction Design Mistakes

Design Mistakes

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Overwhelmed with Innovation:
We designers wants to express themselves through their work, they are always looking for innovative ways to make designs stand out, innovation doesn’t always work for good. It might even be bad for the site. Users crave familiarity and often they are tuned in to certain ways of operation.

Confusing Navigation: Some designers attempt to be original by using unfamiliar names for pages. This leaves users wondering what exactly they mean and where to go from here. It takes a bit of browsing to figure out, and this leaves them frustrated not finding what they are looking for.

Clutter: Many websites tried to put everything they possibly could, cramming their website with product images, promotions and multiple calls to action. Keep it clean and simple, highlight exactly what the user needs to see first with a clear promote on what to do next.

Contrast: Overlooking the website contrast as it is one of the most important means of establishing visual hierarchy and drawing users attention to certain elements. In web design, contrast doesn’t imply only colors usage, but also size, shape and positioning.

Neglecting the Form Styling: One of the fundamental parts of user experience that designers neglect the forms styling. Each website has goal and whether it is to generate leads, directly sell products or provide information. Unfortunately, there are many websites with glossy homepage that refer to bore users with long forms and complicated CAPTCHAs. Unless the users has strong prior motivation, they’ll just leave.