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Landing Page Checklist

Landing Page Checklist

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Some Landing Pages are “short and sweet” while others “detailed and data rich”. And to clear the misunderstanding about what the a landing page is and not to spend lots of time developing it, just keep in mind the following and you will not go wrong:

Formulate and Offer: The art of land page development is not in what is being offered, but rather how.

State the case with Headlines:
Headlines are what draw people in, they are the first element of the landing page that users experience and as a result, it needs to be incredibly engaging.

Sub-headlines can go into greater details about the offer while still making the case to the visitors about why continuing is a good idea.

Go with Images & Graphics:
Landing pages help end-users visualize the benefit of completing the offer. Images and graphics make experiences tangible, it is something essential on the visual web.

Conversion Button:
If you are not going to concentrate on the call-to-action button on your landing page, you might as well not develop the page, so take care of the colors, placement, size and wordings.

: Make sure your landing page is a mobile friendly too!