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Quick Facts! Top Reasons to Design "Mobile-Friendly" Website

Quick Facts! Top Reasons A Mobile-Friendly Website is Needed Right Now


Most customers are now on Mobiles: 44% of the online retail shopping done through mobile 11% from tables

You will achieve Higher Page Rankings:
Responsive design is now preferred by Google

Better User Experience:
Business will benefit from having a mobile-friendly website

Mobile Website is Good for Social Media Marketing:
91% of mobile internet access is used for social activities

It is More Economical:
Following a “mobile-first” approach ensures that the appearance and functionalities of a desktop website

Better Conversions and Sales:
Top of the benefits of having a mobile friendly website, it will also help you improve your online conversations and sales.

It is Future-Proof:
As the global commerce and technology continue to intersect and develop, it’s better to be ready.